Our Human Resources vision

To be the most preferred company with innovative and sustainable HR practices that make its employees feel valued, create a common culture.
Our aim is to employ employees who adopt Gimaş values, who have the competencies required by the dynamism of the company, who know the importance of the customer, who are willing to learn and develop, who can sustain high performance in the long term, to contribute their professional and personal development, and enable them to use their potential in the most efficient way.

General Application

The primary qualifications we consider in candidates who want to join us;
  • Reliability
  • Competence
  • Team Work
  • Responsibility Awareness and Business Follow-Up
  • Customer Focused Service
For open positions, please visit our and Linkedin pages.
For general applications send your CV via mail:


Promising Career Opportunities

About our company

We want to protect and continuously improve our company, where everyone is happy to be a part of it. Gimaş has built its business through the excellence of service and consistent investment on growing.

Maritime Industry is very large and there are thousands of companies functioning in this sector. Everything can change by the time; except the importance of a reliable service.

So, perhaps we are not number one in our sector yet, but with our intense efforts, young and dynamic professional staff and primary principles of honesty and service quality, we do not think it will take such a long time before we see our company as the number one.