French Tuna Niçoise Salad

French Tuna Niçoise Salad
10 minutes
20 mins
30 minutes


500g new/baby potatoes – halved
350g green (French) beans – trimmed
220g cherry tomatoes – halved
handful olives (black, green and/or brown) handful parsley – chopped
3 tuna steaks
8 fresh anchovy fillets
2 or 3 eggs
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (I used 1 1/5 tbsp rosemary-infused & 2 1/5 tbsp straight extra virgin oil)
2 good tablespoons balsamic vinegar (the best you can afford) sea salt – freshly ground freshly ground black pepper olive oil for frying


Pre-boil your potatoes and cook your trimmed green beans with a sprinkle of salt added. Drain and set aside until ready to make the salad.
Saute the beans and potatoes in a large skillet using a little olive oil, over a medium to high heat, turning occasionally until the potatoes are golden. Set aside.
Gently pan-fry the tuna steaks whole with a little olive oil and seasoning over a medium to high heat for about 2 minutes each side (ensuring they are sealed by the heat), then remove from the pan and allow to rest for a few minutes.
Hard-boil your eggs in their shells for about 8 minutes, then plunge in cold water to cool.
While the eggs are boiling put your halved cherry tomatoes, olives and parsley into a large salad bowl.
Add the cooked beans and potatoes.
Pour the olive oil and balsamic vinegar into the bowl and give a good grind of black pepper and a little sprinkle of sea salt to the mix.
Cut your cooked tuna into large cubes and add to the bowl.
Toss all the ingredients in the bowl well, to mix and coat with oil and balsamic vinegar.
Arrange the fresh anchovy fillets on the top.
Peel the shells from the boiled eggs and cut in half (lengthways). Arrange on top of the salad.
Give an extra fresh grind of black pepper and serve.


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