Posidonia 2022

Posidonia 2022

As Posidonia 2022 is starting on 6 – 10 June which is one of the most important maritime exhibitions in the world, we are so willing to reassemble by embracing our seafarer friends.

Due to Gimas cares renewing and beginning friendships during exhibitions, we have got literally ready to talk about our services that was enhanced since the beginning of the pandemic.

Gimas has been in Athens since 2014 that’s why we have a good relationship with Greek shipowners, who operate the largest fleet globally of over 4,000 vessels. In addition to Greek shipowners, we will have opportunities that we can listen to international shipowners about their demands from us as a ship supply company along Posidonia.

Offering its clients a wide variety of products covering all kinds of provisions, cabin, deck, engine stores, bonded items, stationery, galley utensils, disposables, nautical publications, spares/machinery, chemicals, maintenance products, laundry services and customs brokerage, Gimas will be ready to meet your new needs after Posidonia.
We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to working with you after Posidonia 2022

Our Stand: 1.401/8 – Hall 1


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