An Experienced Ship Chandler in Turkey

An Experienced Ship Chandler in Turkey

The profession of ship chandler depends on the maritime industry as a vital point while the supply chain got more important today. Therefore, having a good ship chandler like Gimas enables you close to success.

Being a ship chandler means you should be always ready to act if you operate in a country like Turkey that has two busy sea passages. As well, you must have the logistics ability to deliver on time and is always fresh. Gimas logistics expertise is the origin of our competitive prices and provides us with the references to serve all vessels.

Consequently, we are aware of the importance of our job and accordingly working. For us, the most precious thing is making happy to seafarers by spiriting them to feel at home.

You can think as Gimas Ship Supply & Services is your warehouse for all of your technical parts and provisions. From a specific spare part to a traditional taste, our extensive range of products meets vessel’s complete onboard needs. 

We believe that Gimas’s mission and strategy need to always focus on efficiency, on customer satisfaction and on nurturing the professional excellence of its people.

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